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Dates and Titles of Research Studies Reviewed

27th Feb Action Falls plan following a Stroke randomised controlled trial
23rd Jan MAnnitol for Cerebral oEdema after IntraCerebral Haemorrhage (MACE-ICH): a biomarker sub-study

19th Dec Artificial Intelligence eStroke project
28th Nov Home-based stroke rehabilitation for survivors of stroke with severe disabilities (HoRSSe study) – work package 2 update and work package 3 review
24th Oct Desmopressin for treatment of patients taking Antiplatelet agents with Stroke due to Haemorrhage DASH – Storyboard Video Script for review
24th Oct TELerehabilitation in STroke CARe; Understanding how it works and for whom to inform recommendations for practice (the TELSTAR study)
24th Oct Update on potential trial of aspirin plus ticagrelor vs aspirin and clopidogrel in TIA/minor stroke (ACT-FAST)
26th Sept Desmopressin for treatment of patients taking Antiplatelet agents with Stroke due to Haemorrhage DASH
27th June The role of orthotics in stroke rehabilitation
27th June Transitional needs of children / young carers of stroke survivors aged 16-18
23rd May Optimising Psychological Care for People after Transient Ischaemic Attack and Minor Stroke (OPTIMISE)
25th Apr Swallowing after stroke – dysphagia
25th Apr Centres of Excellence for Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation (ISRRA) consumer survey
28th Feb ACT FAST study Mannitol for cerebral oedema in acute intracerebral haemorrhage MACE-ICH

29th Nov Speech and Language Therapy Clinical lectureship presentation review
29th Nov Adapting and Implementing a Psychoeducational Programme Following Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) and Minor Stroke OPTIMISM-2 study update and new questions for review
25th Oct Measuring performance of integrated community stroke services (ICSS)
25th Oct Home Based Rehabilitation for Severe Stroke (HoRSSe) study information sheet
23rd Aug Exploring the impact of individual-level attributes on return-to-work outcomes after receiving an early, stroke specific vocational rehabilitation intervention
23rd Aug FlexionFit-Physio Home-Based Multimodal Stroke Rehabilitation Device & Personalised Health Portal
27th Jul Adapting cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) for people with stroke and evaluating its feasibility
27th Jul Mannitol for cerebral oedema in acute intracerebral haemorrhage MACE-ICH
28th Jun The National Clinical Audit Programme: An improvement tool for community stroke rehabilitation?
28th Jun Telerehabilitation interventions in stroke care: are they for everyone?
24th May Stroke Survivor and Carer Experience of Rapid Innovations in Early Supported Discharge
24th May Swallow therapy early after stroke: What dose of swallow strength and skill training with surface electromyographic biofeedback gives optimal results in improving dysphagia post stroke?
24th May Optimising Pathways of Psychological Care after Transient Ischaemic Attack and Minor Stroke
26th Apr Effect of Proximal Flow Arrest during Endovascular Thrombectomy (EMPIRE trial)
26th Apr Catheter Against Urinary Tract Infection Trial: a randomised trial of antimicrobial-impregnated urinary catheters for long-term indwelling urinary catheter users (CAUTI Trial)
29th Mar The effectiveness of different models of inpatient rehabilitation New PhD study
29th Mar Impact of Covid-19 on home care study feedback
22nd Feb Exploration of Support Received by Service Users to Assist Executive Functioning Cognitive Skills after Stroke
18th Jan Adapting and implementing a psychoeducational programme following transient ischaemic attack and minor stroke
18th Jan East Midlands Applied Research Collaboration: Home-based stroke rehabilitation for survivors of stroke with severe disabilities (HoRSSe study) progress update

30th Nov National Audit Programme: 2021 Audit of post-acute services
26th Oct Update on Measuring performance of an Integrated Community Stroke Service model (ICSS)
26th Oct International Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Alliance Milestone 6 defining criteria for Centres of Excellence for Stroke Rehabilitation survey of global experts and stroke survivors and carers
21st Sept National Stroke Audit update
24th Aug Developing and Evaluating a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Programme for Stroke
24th Aug Impact of Covid-19 on home care study
13th July MACE-ICH – a mannitol trial
29th June INTERACT 3 International haemorrhage stroke study
18th May Home-based stroke rehabilitation for survivors of stroke with complex disabilities HoRSSe
20th Jan Definition and implementation of non-medical interventions after TIA and Minor Stroke
20th Jan NIHSS-SAH Validation Study for Subarachnoid haemorrhage
20th Jan Mannitol in Acute Ischaemic Stroke Trial (MAIST) study

18th Nov Pregnancy and stroke
18th Nov Home-based stroke rehabilitation for survivors of severe stroke (HoRSSe study)
23rd Sept Improving the mobility of stroke survivors with sight loss
23rd Sept Enhancing recovery after stroke
23rd Sept ENOS-2 trial
22nd July A trial of a drug (semaglutide) in acute stroke
22nd July Tranexamic acid to reduce death or dependency at 3 months (TICH3)
20th May Orthotic Intervention following stoke (OTIS)
18th March Vision project – Patient information sheet and debrief information for NSRPG review
18th March Benefits of beetroot after stroke (BEET-STROKE)
21st Jan Improving sight after stroke study

17th Sept Management and Identification of Dehydration After Stroke (MIDAS)
23rd July Orthotics after stroke research study
23rd July Understanding reduced energy after stroke – a digital epidemiology study
21st May “What is the impact of large scale implementation of stroke Early Supported Discharge? (WISE Study)”?
21st May Facilitating interdisciplinary team working to promote dignity and independence of stroke survivors in hospital (REVIHR)
21st May Unmet needs for stroke patients in Malaysia
19th March Open-source Prosthetics and Assistive Devices OPAD Engineering students presented their projects to design assistive devices
19th March Promoting / examining the cost efficiency of inpatient stroke rehabilitation
19th March GRASP Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Program: A home – work based program to improve arm and hand function in people living with stroke
19th March OPTIMISM Project: Optimising Psychoeducation for Transient Ischaemic Attack and Minor Stroke Management – feedback on workbooks
22nd Jan Developing and testing a treatment manual for individually tailored rehabilitation of the stroke-affected arm and hand (PREP2-ARM)
22nd Jan What are the needs of severe stroke survivors?

20th Nov Early Electrical Stimulation to prevent Complications in the Arm Post-Stroke (ESCAPS2)
20th Nov Identifying and Improving End of Life Care for Stroke in Hospitals, UClan
20th Nov Management and Identification of Dehydration After Stroke (MIDAS), UClan
18th Sept The role of orthotics in stroke rehabilitation
18th Sept Development of assistive devices (collaborative project with engineering)
17th July Assessment and Early Treatment of Post-stroke Spasticity in Care Home Residents Feasibility study (FETCH)
17th July What is the impact of Stroke Early Supported Discharge? WISE study
8th May Prevention Of Dementia and Cognitive impairment After Stroke Trial-2 (PODCAST-2)
8th May Comparing the long term outcomes after stroke (LOTUS)
20th March Falls in Stroke Survivors
20th March STEPS-2 Safety and efficacy of pharyngeal electrical stimulation (PES) for post stroke dysphagia: the STEPS-2 randomised controlled trial
20th March Technology Assisted Stroke Rehabilitation
19th Jan PISCES 2 Clinical Study – Stem Cells in the treatment of people who have had a stroke – ReNeuron
19th Jan Dressing Rehabilitation Evaluation for Stroke Survivors (DRESS-2)

18th Jan Translating the Stroke Drivers Screening Assessment into a tablet based App
18th Jan Investigating the Impact of Adjudication in Stroke Trials
18th Jan Exploring Care Pathways for People with Severe Disabilities after Stroke (CaPSS)
18th Jan Understanding and maximising the psychosocial wellbeing of online peer support forums for stroke survivors and their families and carers
14th March PhD Project: Implementing electrical stimulation for upper limb rehabilitation after stroke
14th March TICH2 Update clinical trial to help stop bleeding after haemorrhagic stroke
14th March OPTIMISM Project: poster and information sheets update
14th March D-VAMS Project update: The development of face-based mood scales suitable for assessing mood in stroke patients who have aphasia
16th May Pilot study: Vision problems after stroke
16th May PhD study: Implementing evidence based rural community stroke services: aspiration or reality?
19th Sept Rapid Intervention with Glyceryl trinitrate in Hyperacute stroke Trial-3 (RIGHT-3)
19th Sept PhD Study: Brain in Hand – a web-based system that synchronises with a smartphone app
19th Sept Proposed study in Vascular Dementia (r4VaD)
21st Nov Investigating the effect of non-pharmacological cognitive interventions to improve brain network functional connectivity in patients with vascular dementia
21st Nov Cognitive Impairment and Fatigue after Stroke
21st Nov OPTIMISM – Optimising Psychoeducation for Transient Ischaemic Attack and Minor Stroke Management
21st Nov Desmopressin for treatment of patients taking Antiplatelet agents with Stroke due to Haemorrhage DASH

19th January How Stroke Research fits with Stroke Care
19th January Proposed Training Programme for Stroke Research Partnership Group members
19th January Cost Effectiveness of a Stroke Care Pathway
11th May Identifying Needs of Informal Young Carers of Stroke Survivors
11th May Reducing Falls in People with Stroke
11th May Stroke Drivers Screening Assessment (SDSA)
13th July Computer assisted stroke rehabilitation (CASR)
13th July Optimising Psychoeducation for Transient Ischaemic Attack and Minor Stroke Management (OPTIMISM)
28th Sept Patient Satisfaction with Community Stroke Rehabilitation Teams
28th Sept Partners in Projects Research Involvement Training for lay members
9th Nov Endothelial progenitor cells: potential biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of ischaemic stroke
9th Nov MINIMISE study: Mannitol for reducIng intracerbral oedeMa after StrokE
9th Nov Optimising Psychoeducation for Transient Ischaemic Attack and Minor Stroke Management (OPTIMISM): Information sheets & poster

13th January New @astroke structure and website presentation. No research proposals presented.
January Swallowing: a trial to test a feeding tube with a small electrical device in it that might help people who can’t swallow after stroke, by stimulating recovery of swallowing
17th March Vision: a trial to test new ways of measuring and hopefully treating visual problems after stroke
17th March STEMS3 clinical study – G-CSF and PT larger study design proposal
17th March TICH-2
27th May Regaining Confidence after Stroke (RCAS) questionnaires
27th May IV Fluids: A feasibility randomised controlled factorial trial of different intravenous fluid regimes in acute stroke
27th May Stroke Clubs – scoping review update
14th July Virtual reality for risk assessment after stroke
14th July Research to Implement Evidence Based In-Hospital Stroke Rehabilitation (REVIHR)
14th July EM CLAHRC and Academic Health Science Network
22nd Sept Academic Health Science Network
10th Nov D-VAMS (Dynamic Visual Analogue Mood Scales)
10th Nov Behavioural Intervention for Stroke Carers – A research project about psychological support for carers after stroke
10th Nov Development of anti-infective long term urinary catheter i4i NIHR grant
10th Nov COgnitive Management PAthways in Stroke Services (COMPASS)

10th June Microsoft ‘Kinect’ as a Stroke Rehabilitation tool for Patients suffering from Facial Paralysis.
10th June Behavioural therapy for treating post-stroke depression: a pilot randomised controlled trial
10th June Perception of stroke illness questionnaire
14th October Investigating the organisational structure of stroke clubs, and the benefits that they have for stroke survivors: A scoping review.
14th October Electrical stimulation therapy for treating arm weakness after stroke: a pilot randomised controlled trial.
14th October Leader skills required to run the Regaining Confidence After Stroke course.

30th January Fatigue after Stroke: understanding the nature of the clinical problem and determining factors associated with fatigue
30th January YouCall WeCall: Testing a telephone based, information and support service for mild stroke survivors and their carers
16th April Right 2
16th April Working with individuals’ perceptions of their condition to encourage rehabilitation and recovery following stroke.
6th June Facial Rehabilitation Proposal
30th July Stem cell Trial of recovery EnhanceMent after Intra-Cranial Haemorrhage (STEM-ICH)
30th July Implementation of an evidence based treatment protocol for best practice stroke rehabilitation in a hospital setting
26th Nov Measuring confidence after stroke: Confidence after stroke measures
26th Nov Illness perception questionnaire (IPQ-R). How people feel about their stroke

February Project Grant Plain English Summary
February Optimising the Analysis of Stroke and other vascular Trials in Prevention (OAST-P)
25th July Acceptability of mild hypothermia (cooling) for stroke patients in the UK
25th July Filming for the Campaign

10th May A randomised controlled trial of Tranexamic acid in Intracerebral Haemorrhage (TICH)
10th May Music Therapy in the Acute Stage after Stroke and an evaluation of ‘Regaining Confidence after Stroke’ Course
22nd Dec Life after stroke for care home residents
22nd Dec Regaining Confidence post stroke: A stroke survivors perspective

6th April An investigation of residual activities of daily living problems following TIA and minor
6th April Reducing the burden of misery after Stroke
6th April Getting out of the House
27th July Development of a Functional Assessment of Apraxia in Stroke Rehabilitation
27th July Patient’s perceptions of sensory deficits after stroke
27th July Stem cell Trial of recovery ENhanceMent after Stroke 3 (STEMS 3) – a pilot randomised
trial of G-CSF and therapy in chronic stroke
2009 Dopamine Augmented Rehabilitation in Stroke (DARS)

• The effect of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) on function of mobilised bone marrow stem cells in stroke: the ‘Stem cell Trial of recovery EnhanceMent after Stroke assessing Functional Ability of mobilised cells’ (STEMSFA) pilot study
• Is it possible to perform ambulance-based randomised controlled trials in patients with hyperacute stroke? Assessment of glyceryl trinitrate in lowering blood pressure.
• Nasogastric Feedling Loop
• Bid for UK Stroke Research Network
• A dose escalation study of progesterone in acut ischaemic stroke: the pilot Progesterone Efficacy Stroke Trial (ProgEST)
• Evaluation of Imaging criteria to identify patients at low or high risk allowing for targeted recommendation of carotid endarterectomy (CEA)
• Evaluation of virtual reality in stroke rehabilitation
• Dressing After Stroke
• Home Visits
• Outdoor mobility
• Stem cell Trial of recovery EnhanceMent after Stroke 2′ (STEMS 2) pilot randomised controlled trial
• Functional Neuroimaging in Spontaneous Intracerebral Haemorrhage (NISICH)
• Triple Antiplatelets for Reducing Dependency after Ischaemic Stroke (TARDIS)
• An investigation of residual activities of daily living problems following TIA and minor stroke
• Adaptation to Memory Problems following stroke
• Depression after stroke
• Investigation of Patient Nominated Expert Stroke Therapists’ (IPNEST )
• Improving the management of blood pressure in acute stroke: the ‘Efficacy of Nitric Oxide in Stroke’ (ENOS) study
• Impact of a Specialist Nurse-led Disease Management Program on the rate of secondary preventive intervention in people with a recent transient ischaemic attack
• Blood pressure and cognition.
• Memory rehabilitation: the Rehabilitation of Memory in Neurological Disabilities (ReMIND) study.
• Communication and Low Mood (CALM)
• Return to Work after Stroke
• Early Supported Discharge
• 141 First for Stroke: Virtual Reality Facial Exercise
• Barriers to Early Assessment of TIA and stroke (BEATS) Completed and published. University of Leicester
• Optimising the Analysis of Stroke and other vascular trials in prevention (OAST-P)

Helen Taylor Feb 2023